All Saints School

Things To Know First

"School's basic infrastructure is more than transcending brick and mortar, concrete and steel; it is indeed the pious vessel into which human knowledge is poured." Mr. Amrit Kumar, former chairman of All Saints.

All Saints School is equipped with exceptional learning opportunities and infrastructure v . i .z

  • Integrated science labs in physics, chemistry, and biology to provide pragmatic ingenuity to future scientists.
  • iMac, Apple Lab, and three other computer labs with LAN connectivity.
  • Audio Visual Aids Lab,
  • An arena for fine arts, music, and theatre.
  • Indoor playrooms for chess, table tennis, etc.
  • state-of-the art synthetic futsal turf for multiple games.
  • Outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, and basketball.
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Multiple libraries
  • Over 7 million students
  • Multiple synthetic tennis court
  • Automated shooting range.
  • Teaching-learning material, playground equipment, sports kits, and libraries all together create a joyful whole and learning experience for all Saintees.
  • The infrastructure comprises multiple blocks that have been designed to keep in mind the needs of the students and the tenacity of the institution. Providing a quality and magnificent cluster of benefits is an indispensable key for the aggrandization and expansion of education.
  • Half olympic size swimming pool

Students Conveyance

  • Three school buses serve the school students besides outside transporters
  • Conveyance facilities may be granted subject to the availability of seats in the bus and the route available.
  • The bus fee is charged for 11 months. Students should bring their conveyance card or bus card every day.
  • Discontinuance of bus facilities during running sessions is not permitted.

Our Infrastructure

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