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Ar. Ojas Kumar, Managing Director O&T Private Limited | Founder at Fitness Theatret Here

“Proud to be an alumni of All Saints”
An Entrepreneur, Architect cum project manager by profession, I had the privilege of studying at all saints. When I fondly look back scores of memories make me sentimental and grateful including catering to minute details of personality development including enjoying within limits of discipline, being inter school champions of cricket and playing at state level, smart and decorated life of NCC, constant improvement in academics, participation in annual English and Hindi plays, achievements in music including trinity certification besides being groomed into a fine tuned human being, understanding family and social obligations.
After completing my school, pursued Bachelor’s in Architecture from Manipal University where I got introduced to various fortes like MUNs, organisational skills and university cricket as the base was already robust.
Post Graduation, I was fortunate to get admission in world famed University of Warwick, United Kingdom where I pursued Masters in Project Management, which would not have been possible without strong basics at school level. Happy that I’m well settled in life today.
Thank you teachers, Thank you All Saints.

Naman Gupta, Founder at Zenbi Digital &  A TV Host

A college could make you a better professional but it’s the school that brings a good human out of you. I feel immensely proud when I say I’m an All Saints Alma Mater. I have got the best education environment and the best overall grooming support from my teachers. Be it my first Live event, the first internship, first winning moment – the school has supported me every single time! Learning and leadership opportunities are helping me now when I have my own Social Media Marketing Agency. I think the biggest lesson which I have learnt from my school days is – No matter where you are and what you the best person in the room when it comes to work and life will reward you someday! All Saints is one such place where you can get the best of both the world – personal and professional. Along with the lifetime support of excellent teachers and friendships that lasts forever.

KHUSHAB MAKHIJA 3rd Navigating Officer, M. Navy

When I look back through my 15 years at All Saints, loads of memories, experiences and values come to my mind. I was academically an average student of All Saints but excelled in co-curricular activities. The school has given me plenty of opportunities and I tried to extract the best out of it. Some of the highlights which I remember are being a Leader of the NCC (JD) squad, Attending the ATC with NCC Ajmer, Played Cricket for school team and State level and also played Billiards & Snooker at the National Level. The teachers were always very supportive and the guidance was phenomenal. At the time of farewell, it was a mixed feeling of passing out from school and leaving the school. After passing out from school, I was passionate about making my career in some challenging and adventurous field. I opted to make a career in the Merchant Navy. All those hard work, guidance and blessings of teachers and parents paid off. I got an admission in one of the premier maritime institutes of India TMI, Pune. That phase of training and education was entirely different, wearing a uniform with an epaulette on your shoulder was quite fascinating and definitely the prefix ‘Cadet’ was added before my name. Same as school, there were also opportunities and again I tried to extract best out of it. Some of the highlights are being a scholarship holder, Appointed as Disciplinary Captain, Appointed as Parade commander, Institute sailing team member for Catamaran boats and also a player of Institute Lawn Tennis team. The Passing out Parade is the best moment in every cadet’s life. Same was the case with me, proudly marching in front of your parents was an exceptional feeling all together. That feeling can’t be expressed in words. Following passing out, I joined the ship as a Deck Cadet. After completion of my internship and exams I was awarded the Bachelor of Technology

(B.Tech) degree from the esteemed BITS, Pilani. Also cleared MoS DGS and became a navigating officer in the Merchant Navy. Life at sea is challenging and adventurous. You can’t paint the picture of your life with your hands in your pocket so remember to take risks.

Mradul Pareek Chartered Accoutant, Senior at NAV Consulting Private Limited

“Those were the days when pockets were empty but heart was filled with happiness”, yes those were my school days. The height of a building depends on the underlying foundation so as the career growth of a child. All Saints always has and always will have a special place in my heart. People says that life is completely different once you graduate from school but I had never noticed such a thing and the credit for that goes to my school which not only took care of my academics but also of my personal growth. School provided us with library, playgrounds, well-equipped science labs and an I-mac computer lab with an aim of overall development of a childs’ brain. My mentors were always so academically sound and friendly and all these positive surroundings impacted my life forever. Those morning prayers and the life experiences shared in the assembly still gives me goosebumps. Yes I miss and cherish those memories a lot, those were undoubtedly the best mornings on can get. Our Administrator Sir always taught us to become a good human being first and leaving the rest to god almighty. Attaining these life lessons early on in our lives helped us to shape rest of our careers post academic life. My elder brother and I started our All Saints journey from kindergarten all the way till grade XII, he is an accomplished dentist whereas I am a Chartered Accountant having worked with prestigious firms such as Reliance and PWC.

CA Aayushi Jain, CFM Analyst at Accenture

To pen down my thoughts about the times spent in school has always been quite difficult because no amount of superlatives will do justice to the phase called school life. All Saints is a place where I have spent the most memorable years of my life. It gave me the push to learn harder. I was a sincere & academically strong student, but I did tried my best to grab the opportunities provided to grow. Teachers played a very vital role towards my happy memories of school & I still feel I got the best bunch. They were not just teachers but mentors and supporters as well who always inspired me to grow as an individual. But well, the thing I’ll be always thankful to the school was my friends, without whom the journey of school life wouldn’t have been as exciting as it was. I feel happy to share that the bond which started from school, sharing lunch boxes and learning together, is still intact with many and infact grown stronger. For most of the people, their graduation phase is the one where they learn, grow & transform;for me it was my articleship. Having spent all these years in the protective shadow of the school, articleship phase was hard to adjust to for once. But I was enjoying it and making the most of it. My articleship gave me the opportunities I needed to learn, lead and upskill myself. I became the chief editor of the educational magazine of the firm I was doing my articleship with and also co-founded a magazine project with one of my mentors and worked with many brilliant minds. The major takeaways for me from the school life was to keep learning and work towards getting better, which actually complimented my curious nature. The teachings not only helped me in my CA journey but also in reaching where I am working now with an Irish domiciled MNC – Accenture (a Fortune Global 500 company). My personality, values, beliefs are all the pieces of the people I met and the experiences I had but it all started from one place – ‘All Saints’.

Dr Varsha Meena, Medical Officer

“Not coming to school tomorrow!” “Why? Please come, i m also coming tomorrow” “Fine. I ll come!” I still miss those days we used to make those plans a day before school. “Two pairs of shoes, two pairs of dress, school bag was heavy but there was no stress” If someone asks me about my second home. I would be blessed and proud enough to say the name of my alma mater “all saints”. these two words have impacted my life a lot in a positive way. Be it my professional growth or be it my personal growth. This place has always pushed me to cross the limits. The nostalgic feeling of the morning prayers, favourite teacher’s lactures, games period, Playing pen fighting passionately as if it’s an Olympic event and many more memories make me to want to go back to my school. I m grateful to god that i got so many good friends in my school. They are the ones who will stay till the end no matter how hard the situation is. I’ll never forget what I learnt in this school. This place has made me a person. Things end but memories last forever.

Himanshu Agrawal Decision Scientist Mu Sigma Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.

“All Saints” became a part of my life in 2000 when I was just 5 year old. At that time when I was crying while going to school for the first time I wish someone should have whispered in my ears that ‘This is going to be the best phase of your entire life! Live and Enjoy as much as you can’. Even today, I want to go back and re-visit that place to sit on the same benches, to attend the morning assembly speech, want to play and eat lunch during the 20 mins interval…the list is endless! Usually everyone say that school never teaches you about life! But in my case I am luck enough to get amazing mentors through out the school life who always pushed me to realize my hidden potential and not only academically but for the overall growth and development as a teenager! In this incredible journey of everyday learning I am also very fortunate that I got to know so many people as my friends, seniors and classmates. We sat together, eat together, played together, fought with each other but most importantly we grew together. Well it was because of the motivation, learning and guidance which I received from my mentors I cracked JEE and got admission in NIT Silchar. Apart from whatever learnings I received in All Saints, engineering taught me how to implement them in the real life situations. From being a participant to organizer of many events I was able to develop a confidence which can’t be achieved even after scoring 10/10. Well frankly speaking 4 years of engineering taught me everything other than Mechanical Engineering! After completing my summer internships with Rothe Erde and ADmyBRAND I discovered my interest in Data Analytics which was a turning point of my career. After that, it’s been almost 2 years since I am working as a Decision Scientist in one of the largest Data Analytics firm in India and can’t tell you how much I feel proud and happy when the fortune 500 company consume and implement your results. So, whenever Magic Happened it’s because I’ve Researched, I’ve Learned, I’ve Analyzed and I’ve Applied!!!

Deepak Hariramani, Founder at Jhulelal solar

All Saints – I am so attached to this name that all my secret code words are composed around these 2 words. So much love with school, right 😛 As the height of a tree depends on the depth of its roots, I am grateful that I got my roots of education from this school, where I studied from primary till Senior Secondary and received not only intellectual, but also social and moral education. The school also provided me with exposure that one can get. From quizzing to debating, the school taught many social skills which helped me during my college and corporate journey. I was able to secure a good rank in JEE Mains with the help of my mentors, which helped me to bag a seat at Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra. I met many amazing people coming from various parts across the nation. My college life was largely focused on my personal growth where I tried to break all my comfort zones. From performing in many extra-curriculars like Kavi Sammelan before 500 people to leading Technical Club and Alumni Relations team of more than 50 people, the 4 years of college were full of experience and exposure. One of the best things that happened with me during college was I got introduced to the Art of Living Foundation. I was so touched with them, that 5 years down the line, I am a volunteer at the Art of Living organising mental health programs for youth. My aim is to enhance mental health of 1 thousand students this year with breathing exercises. On the professional front, I got an on-campus job offer as Consultant at KPMG India where I worked for 2 years and then my Sindhi blood forced me to venture out into something of my own 😛 I started my Solar Panel installation business while working on various side hustles like organising networking meet-ups in Jaipur and initiating some digital projects in the last 2 years. My goal is to become financially independent by 2024 so that I can devote most of my time to my service and social projects. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but wherever I will be, the roots of my school education will always lead me to become a better individual contributing for a better society.

Er. Vijay Kumar Sharma, Support Engineer at Microsoft | Founder & Director at Mechatron Technologies

All Saints was never just a school to me; a foundation stone, a home other than my parents’ home that filled me to the brim with memories and now with nostalgia. All Saints found my niche; Science and Technology. I still remember a moment when we were holding a pen to write what was inside us, our thoughts were confident but feelings became anxious, thinking how will the class react, the ones who knew you or even the strangers I was sceptical about their reactions. I confess that I overcame this because my teachers. For others, Leisure in class was truth and dare, for me it was scribbling behind my notebooks. Journey from being arrogant to a submissive student began in class IX; it wouldn’t have had a happy ending; transforming from submissive to expressive without the role of my teachers. Their timely guidance helped me become who I am today. The most inspiring incident which I remember and trust that my teachers would also remember was the pre-boards’ result in 2013 after which all teachers had signed me off. But like my parents, CM Soni Sir stood by me,made me realise the unexplored potential in me, what I could possibly do in a span of just a month before the Board Examinations of class XII. That 1 month of preparation,I never thought could bring back the lost self-respect but it did. My happiness touched cloud nine as an individual I learnt three lessons i.e. Believe in Yourself, Choice of mentor affects your performance and Trust the process. All Saints taught me to embrace change which is the only constant in life. Our Administrator Sir Mr. Piyush Kumar ji, once said in his morning assembly speech; “Never look back” and I never did. After school I pursued my Bachelor’s of Engineering from Government Engineering College Bikaner in the field of Mechanical & Automation Engineering. Also qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ( GATE ), in 2018 an 2019. Currently, working at Microsoft Corporation as a Support Engineer ( Lead Operations ) for APAC/ EMEA regions.

CA Sumit Harjani, Senior Auditor at Ernst & Young

If you had asked me 10-12 years back, I would have told you that school life was all about academics and studies. But now when I look back at my school days, I have my life’s best memories that I will treasure for life. All saints was not just my school but also my second home. I was always a sincere student with excellent academics grades and always keen to learn new things. After scoring high in 10th, every one expected me to join science stream although My passion was in commerce. I cherish my teachers’ support & encouragement when I went for commerce as it made the transition easy. Infact, with their guidance I was able to top in the school in 12th boards with 95% score which was even higher than my 10th score of 93%. My major learning from school apart from academics was to Never Give Up and Create Memories wherever you are. The school taught me to stay strong and excel no matter what happens in life. These values were my mental pillars later in life when I decided to become a CA & I am now working with one of the Big 4s as an auditor. Through my school, I made friends who became my second family. Even now, and hopefully forever, I know I can rely on them in the toughest times and so can they & It all started on those benches in classrooms and eating together in lunch breaks. My personality, life and values were shaped back in those days & I am so proud of the person I have become. My journey will continue and there will be many more fortresses I’ll conquer & in all of those victories & joys, a part of it will always be dedicated to All Saints.

Dr. Bhawna Gupta, Medical Officer

Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” Still remember my first day in All Saints, how nervous I was about the seating arrangements because I’d never known what ‘section’ meant. Being in a good school, in the vicinity of proficient teachers gave me perspective. I’ve always associated a huge part of my childhood (and may I say my adult life) with books. I’ve always been very curious as a person and All Saints catered to my curiosity and willingness to learn. But most of all, it helped the little child in me live and grow through all these years. Some memories from school are a safe space carefully tucked in the crevices of my consciousness. Be it science, history, litrature, civics or maths or general knowledge, all the subject teachers were amazing in their own right and some of them are still in touch, very thankfully so. As of friends, some people are for life. These are the people who have seen me awkwardly stumbling through my teenage years, making a fool out of myself in dance classes, shared lunches with me and somehow stayed with me when life got tough. The sense of familiarity is disparate. I still wonder about how confident I was about my career choices and All Saints has helped shape it in more ways than one. As for my hobbies, I owe it to my painting classes in the school. “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” For all the achievements I have in line, All Saints will always hold a special place.

Prateek Mathur Founder and CEO – Find Firms

Life in school was a dream one would wish never ends. During my school days, i usually kept myself busy in things I loved and used to think it’ll be friends that I’ll miss the most rather than studies or the activities we enjoyed every day in school. After graduating from All Saints in 2013 I pursued engineering in computer science. In my college days, I was Chief of Technology Clubs running in college, handled college Annual festivals as the Department Head. In 2017 my team was in top 5 teams at Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon conducted by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. Once college was over, I realised, what do I miss the most and I would look back and revive memories of the school that shaped me to be the person I was that day and I am now. In 2018 I founded my company ‘Find Firms’ (Eruditeinfo Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd. – a tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential) which provides services like – Business Process Outsourcing, GCC Enablement for Businesses around the world and SaaS Consultation. We serve some prestigious clients like ESSEL Group (ZEE Tv), Car Dekho (Girnar Soft), Asia Tv USA, ImaginXP and many others. We also worked on different projects with Partners from EY India in this short span of 3 Years. Throughout my career, I have been driven by my intellectual curiosity to find answers to the most pressing questions. Whether it’s finding a perfect song for a film or finding a rare product for a rocket, I’ve been able to quickly uncover a customer’s pain point and identify a strategic solution but always kept myself calm and down to earth. Today, As the Founder of Find Firms I bring customer-centric mindfulness that enables firms to innovate and thrive. This is what I’ve done for my clients at the root level and what I continue to do at Find Firms as I provide technical expertise on industrial products to visionaries. I firmly believe that through the medium of our school alumni reconnects will bring a smile on the faces of my beloved teachers from all saints who evolved me as the person I am today.

Alumni Tejas with Ma-Indra Neoyl at yale university

All Saints Alumani are studying in top Ivy league universities of the world like Yale (USA) and Warwick & London School of Economics (U.K.) besides others, where they get the highest level of exposure to international personalities like Ms. Indra Nooyi, Mr. Raghuram Rajan and others apart from listening directly to Noble laureates. This is the power of quality education at All Saints.

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